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Is your A/C leaking air into the attic?

If the connections to your ductwork were assembled incorrectly then it could be releasing ice cold air into your super heated attic in the middle of the summer! The above image shows connections that were not sealed properly, this was in an area of the attic far out of reach and no inspector would dare venture over to it. I was probably 15' away safely standing on the attic platform when using my thermal camera. It helps that I have a high quality and very sensitive infrared camera

This is a snip from an inspection report showing a graphic explaining proper duct connection and a photo of pulling back the insulated sheathing to reveal the inner liner without proper mastic application.

The above group of images and deficiencies is a snip from the report showing several other issues. The first row is a thermal image and digital picture of the same location showing the air leaks from poor connections. The second row is another common problem that ductwork should be separated or condensation will occur in those areas. The third with ductwork just laying and touching other parts of the structure.

Moisture easily develops with the amount of humidity in our air and the dew point being met more readily by the cold air seeping into the attic. A little condensation here and there over time in the same concentrated areas will cause damage to a home. I have found these same conditions in many older homes but also in new construction as well!

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