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Home Inspections

Your residential inspections are performed by a qualified inspector with a construction background. This blends real world understanding of homes with the written materials and classroom education needed to become a TREC licensed professional inspector. Adding the use of thermal imaging, essentially adding a 6th sense, allows me to observe temperature differences that can't be seen otherwise. With a sharp eye and the latest technology Barber Inspection Services LLC will deliver the most comprehensive reports around so you can make decisions based on the most accurate condition of the home!

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Detailed Reports

Reports will be sent to you most often within 24 hours. With so much to do for a real estate transaction I don't want you waiting on me.  I will promptly deliver the report with pictures and descriptions that are essential for negotiating repairs or better deals.

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Fair Prices

My pricing starting around $400 may be adjusted for many reasons.  Inspections of condos or homes with small SF, the price may drop.  Older homes or larger SF will add to the time I need to spend doing the visual inspection and report writing, therefore increasing the price.  

Suburban Homes

Typical Inspection

Depending on the age & size, a home inspection will usually take several hours.  Major components and systems of the home are evaluated from the foundation to the rooftop and most anything that is attached inside and out.  Afterwards I will give you "the tour" with a verbal summary and answer any question you may have at that time.

Luxurious Home

Pre-lease or Pre-listing

If you plan to sell and wish to be prepared for a potential buyers concerns, have the home evaluated and be a step ahead.

Before signing a lease, have an inspection done so you will have documentation to prove the condition upon move out.  You don't want to pay for pre-existing conditions.  Additionally you will know what your getting into if your moving into a lease property.

This ceiling had cold areas at the exterior wall, insulation was found missing in the attic.

Infrared Thermal Scanning 

Why should you add an IR scan to the inspection?  Moisture Intrusion;  HVAC or Building Envelope Air Leaks; Thermal Bridging; Gaps/Missing or Insufficient Insulation;  Potential Electrical Issues;  Plumbing and Roof Leaks.


Thermal Scan Pricing

Adding this service to include thermal images in your home inspection is $100 for median sized homes. Not adding the service can cost you in energy loss over time and/or costly repairs from moisture damage that could have been caught early.

Scheduling & Coordinating

  • Scheduling an inspection with me is easy, call, text or email to set up the day & time.

  • If additional inspections (such as WDI/Pest, Radon, Mold, etc.) are requested that I'm not qualified for I'd be happy to coordinate with another professional to be there at the same time as my inspection.

  • Some builders require more than basic insurance, I have both GL and E&O with $1M/$2M coverage.

  • Before the inspection I will email you a link to where my standard inspection agreement can be read & signed.

  • If needed, I have a Supra eKEY for home access.

  • After your on site inspection is finished I will go over a summary of what I have found and go over any questions you may have at that time.  Payment of the inspection is due at this time and can be made in the form of check, Zelle, Venmo, or cash.  Credit & debit cards are also accepted with an additional 3.5% fee.

  • Your report will be completed at my office and sent to you promptly.  Typically within 24 hours.

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