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As a family man I spend as much time with my wife and 2 young sons as I can.  We enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, camping, sports, walking our dogs, swimming, etc... When they have breaks during the school year traveling is also great!  They are the reason I put so much effort in performing a thorough inspection, I treat it as if I were doing an inspection on my own home.  I want my family to be safe, healthy and happy....& yours too!

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My Story

In my youth, I began working with a contractor around the Houston area as a summer job and enjoyed it so much I made it my career.  I moved to Austin & quickly rose the ranks of a larger construction company learning many skills along the way as well as management but eventually I decided to strike it on my own.  My modest company grew to a 6 man crew and after several years of remodeling, room additions, and smaller jobs in between, I realized that my passion was carpentry so I closed up my business and decided to shift my focus.

Working in a custom cabinet shop for 5 years gave me the fundamentals then for a high quality furniture maker for another 5 years brought me to a level worthy to be called craftsman.  Doing what you love and enjoy as a job can be a blessing most of the time, that's the silver lining!  There were plenty of times, as with any job, when the work wasn't so appealing.  I had been contemplating a career change when hurricane Harvey flooded Houston, I decided to join the forces to repair our city.  Giving up furniture making was very hard but I felt for the best, tedious quality woodworking is much more enjoyable when doing it for your own projects.

It was very rewarding to help the community rebuild, but being back in the world of residential construction was not my calling as a career.  I needed something next level so I began studies for a professional real estate inspectors license.  While getting this education I continued remodeling and renovating homes after the additional flooding events my local area would receive. 


This career change made perfect sense with all the knowledge I had been collecting over the years.  The  years focusing on carpentry gave me a very sharp eye for details.  Roughly 15 years in construction was mostly residential experience ranging from from small jobs, big remodels, to custom new home builds.  Commercial construction experience came in occasionally as another contractor would sub-contract me while building new stores or larger installations.  All aspects of residential and commercial work comes with a set of specific rules for each task or trade and some require a license.  For the trades such as Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC, etc., I worked alongside and managed their work paying attention so we would pass permit inspections keeping the jobs on track. 


I don't know everything about everything, but I have a wide spectrum of understanding and a desire to know as much as possible.  

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I'm always looking for new and interesting opportunities. Let's connect!


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